Saturday, July 11, 2009

Wealth and Charitable donations

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A recent conversation with a friend inspired me to write this. Many of us, at some point, would love to give back to charity for a variety of reasons.

i. It means that we are financially secure and in a position where we can give back. That alone says a lot.

ii. It allows us to feel good about the act as we know that we are helping others.

iii. We feel good about ourselves for doing so.

However, I think we really underestimate the importance of charitable giving. Why do I think it so important?

Success is a field that one creates

Many do not realize that material or financial success is the result of a state that is created. It is the result of an energy field of abundance that one generates. Contemplate on this for a moment; if you think that you lack something, there is no other way for that to be interpreted by the Universe; it recognizes that as lack. Therefore, if you say you do not have money to give, then that is precisely the experience you will have and continue to have. You merely have to think it and that will be your experience. We all know how powerful our thoughts are.


What you hold in mind tends to manifest

This idea may sound familiar to you; it is often referred to it as the law of attraction or the law of abundance. These laws are right; what you think about tends to manifest. For those who understand quantum mechanics and the Heisenberg Principle, it refers to the idea that once you think of something (once the concept is observed by the observer), you collapse the wave function, and now potentiality can become actuality. Essentially, once an idea is held in mind, you increase the possibility of it occurring. This can be a positive idea, or a negative idea.

A typical example is that of a negative person. It is usually the case that this person will have a negative view of the world that is seemingly justified by experience. What is unfortunate is the person does not realize that they are in essence creating their negative experience that just reinforces their thoughts, and it is not the experience that is the cause of the negative feelings. As soon as this realization occurs, the person will witness the experience changing as a result of having a different perception; a different way of seeing and thinking about things.


The rich get richer and the poor gets poorer

It is no coincidence that the poor get poorer and rich get richer. The poor tends to creates a field of energy that emanates poverty, debt, unemployment, lack and so forth. By the law of attraction, these experiences are drawn towards them and they end up in a never-ending cycle of lack. On the other hand, the wealthy and successful exhibit different qualities. They emanate energies that are aligned to abundance, opportunity, employment and so forth, and therefore attract those sort of experiences. This is why many charitable models or programs that choose to give money to poor neighborhoods are not successful because the existing energy field is not influenced. Similar behaviors are still exhibited when the impoverished are given money and the money will inevitably be wasted. However, if funds are instead directed to education, or provide facilities to them, they are soon able to rise out of it and help themselves. This has proven to be more successful.


Give now, don’t wait.

In order to create an energy field of abundance around you today, give today. If you think that you do not have enough to give now, then you are exhibiting lack of abundance and this is what your experience will be. Establish a mentality where giving is habitual and you will see how different your experience is. Give now, why wait? Giving in any capacity now says to the Universe that you already have abundance and you will therefore attract abundance. The only way to influence an energy field is to be the energy field.

Considerations when making charitable donations

1. Give to an organization or cause that you are passionate about. This makes the feeling much better. Once you feel better, you automatically generate a different energy.

2. Give any amount. Many believe that you have to give large amount to have an impact, but every little amount helps. Imagine if everyone gave a little, how much would that be? I donate to monthly and I love it. I read up on the stories of people starting businesses worldwide and help someone I really feel for. It is a great way to help others help themselves.

3. Give consistently in order to establish this as a habit. It becomes easier with time. The effects are enormous.


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