Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Personal Finance in One Page – Part 2


Earn More

1. Get Educated – Learn new things, read a book, take evening classes to get certified in a certain area, get a masters’ degree. Warren Buffett said the best investment one can make is in oneself; the return on this investment is usually ten-fold. Spend time on your personal and professional development.

2. Develop More Income Streams – Look for ways to make more money. Maybe you can use a hobby or skill that you have to make some extra cash; photography, writing, tutoring, designing etc. Maybe you have some extra cash that you can invest.

3. Start a Side Business – If you have some extra time after work, why not start a business? Write a blog with some ads, or design web pages, write programs or fix computers if you are good at it. There are a lot of opportunities right now and the startup costs have been drastically reduced because of the Internet. If you want to start a business for cheap, now is the time.

4. Move towards your Passions – Whenever opportunities present themselves, gravitate towards things that excite you. How do you know if you are passionate about something? How do you feel about it? No one can tell you this, only you would know. Think about what you are passionate about, writing code, leading others, drawing, photography, anything and just DO IT.

5. Don’t Burn Bridges – You never know when a relationship in your past might come in handy later on, even the ones you don’t expect. Never spread a negative word about anyone, it never helps. Avoid gossip, resist it. One thing I have learned is that your connection to others is what helps you get to where you want to go.

6. Keep in Touch -  When you build a bridge with someone, don’t let it get old and worn out. Spend the time to keep in touch with that person. Email or call them every once in a while to see what they are up to. When it is clear that they need help and you can easily provide it, always provide it.

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Everything you ever really needed to know about personal finance in one page, by Trent Hamm.



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